Conducting an audit is a fundamental part of the marketing planning process. We’ll examine all your current marketing activities as well as your business as a whole. We’ll also analyse the internal and external environments that your business operates in, including an evaluation of your competition.



  • Understand your business’ marketing strengths and weaknesses
  • Discover new, neglected markets
  • Target the right customers
  • Reveal previously unseen opportunities

Why choose us?

At New Window Marketing we can a conduct a full scale marketing appraisal and audit for your business – at a price suitable for small to medium companies. External audits are a great choice whether you currently outsource to a marketing agency or are already conducting marketing activities in-house. The analysis and understanding we provide you with will give you an exclusive insight into the marketing functionality of your business.

When the Marketing Audit is finished we will hand you the full report, complete with an actionable checklist you can follow to achieve the predicted outcomes - using your own people or with our help!

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