Back in the day, marketing was relatively easy. There were a few radio channels and two or three magazines for each sector, whilst posters and leaflets grabbed attention. If you were able to position your product with the correct message then you were in business.


Now, in 2016, we have so many ways to market ourselves that the task has become overwhelming for most business owners. The internet is now the single largest platform for marketing opportunities and, whilst the traditional channels such as print are still relevant, they are no longer effective on their own. With the array of marketing choices on offer, it’s important to carefully select the strategies which will add value to each individual business. Therefore, a solid Strategy and a flexible Plan needs to be developed to cut through the noise and determine which tactics will help the company achieve its goals.


  • Clarify your business marketing objectives
  • Use your marketing budget more effectively and profitably, improving ROI
  • Develop and communicate your USP (Unique Selling Point)
  • Receive a schedule detailing how the objectives will be accomplished
  • Measure your marketing achievements

Why choose us?

At New Window Marketing agency we develop successful and forward thinking marketing strategies and plans specifically for small or medium businesses. We will develop a solid strategy and a flexible plan to cut through the noise and determine where you want your company to be at and how to get it there. Our experience creating dozens of successful Marketing Strategy documents for small and medium businesses will help you feel confident of your company's future marketing path.

  • Experience in a huge range of marketing areas
  • Track record of successful marketing strategies & plans
  • The experts in small, medium and new businesses

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