Is climbing the Google search page ranking too slow for you? Try this.

Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising is when you pay each time a person clicks on an advert which a search engine runs for you. Google, for example, will generally place these adverts just above the normal search results.

They manage which search results each advert will feature in by making advertisers tailor their adverts to, and specify, keywords. These keywords then act as a way of telling the search engine if your advert may interest a searcher. Advertisers can pick a range of keywords, not just one or two, and they will usually try to use different word forms as well (e.g. find hat/ found hats). This means that advertisers can feature in as many search results as possible.

PPC benefits everyone involved. It benefits searchers because they are given higher quality and more focused advertising. It benefits search engines because they are able to tailor search results and advertising to both advertisers and searchers; whilst earning money. As an advertiser, PPC also benefits you, and it does so in a number of different ways.

It offers a new way to target consumers and generate leads

Consumers search for things they are interested in all the time. In fact, Google alone has over 2.3 million search queries per minute. If even a small percentage of that total is looking for a product or service related to your business, then that is a lot of potential leads.

It offers a chance to see what searchers are looking for

If you are generating more clicks from searches involving certain keywords, then you are going to be able to see what people are interested in and what they find more important. This is great for helping you decide what aspects of your business you should build on and what aspects can maybe be given less emphasis. Peoples’ searches are usually in direct proportion to their needs, so a more popular keyword is going to indicate a service with a bigger available market.

It helps you to generate buzz

Adverts text and keywords can be changed mid-campaign. This means that you can update the message you want to send consumer so it fits with recent events or trends. If there is suddenly a term which is very popular, you can change your message and use that trend as a springboard of generating more leads.

It helps to find an audience in niche markets

Niche markets can be hard to find steady footing on because, by their very nature, the number of consumers is smaller. This can mean that getting your brand noticed is not as easy. Because PPC means you only pay when someone clicks on your advert and it allows you to tailor your adverts to certain keywords, you can rest assured that you are only playing for advertising which benefits you.

PPC can save you money (if you are careful)

Just as mentioned above, PPC can save you a lot of money if you use it wisely. By ensuring that you are only appearing in the most relevant searches, and so receiving clicks which lead to sales, you are able to maximise your profit-to-marketing-budget margin. If you pay £5 for one click, but that click leads to a sale of £15, you have made back twice the amount of money you spent on advertising.  The secret to ensuring that this is the case, is to make sure that you are using keywords effectively and tracking conversions. Just aiming for attracting as many clicks as possible is not going to lead to success.

The more clicks you receive, the more valuable Google will see your website as, and so your website will climb even closer to the top of search results. The trick is to make sure that you manage and monitor the success rate of your adverts and who is clicking on them. By doing this, you are ensuring better exposure and more valuable leads for your business.

New Window Marketing can take care of all your Pay Per Click advertisement needs. Contact us to discuss your options and let’s get started!

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